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Welcome to the web page of the New Brunswick Alumni Kappa League where young men are educated and trained for leadership.  We have our own social media sites so be sure to follow us on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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NBA KAPPA LEAGUERS SHINE At the Crossroads Theatre Denzel Gala

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the historic Crossroads Theatre presented its inaugural Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Living Legend Award to Mr. Denzel Washington.  The Crossroad Theatre is one of the oldest traditionally African-American theatre companies in the United States.  They are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year. 


The preparations for this event began one year ago.  Crossroads partnered with local community groups to gather volunteers for this epic event.  Gratefully, New Brunswick Alumni Kappa Leaguers received a call asking for their presence.  The young men, known as The Black Sweaters, have established a reputation of being well dressed, poised, responsible and professional in all of their endeavors.  Organizers asked the young men to be the first point of interaction with all guests and attendees.  The young men greeted guests as they approached both the Heldrich Hotel and the brand new New Brunswick Performing Arts Theatre.  Kappa Leaguers welcomed guests and escorted and directed them to the proper registration and reception areas.

People asked who they were. People wanted to take their pictures or take pictures with them. They met news media from the Home News Tribune; the President of Devco, Christopher Paladino, the builder of the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center; Anthony Carter, the Chairman of the Board of the Crossroads Theater Company and entertainers such as Vanessa Williams, Omar Edwards and Gregory Porter. Only a slight error in positioning prevented them from a picture with Denzel.

They carried themselves with dignity and poise. They were gracious and eloquent. They added class and shine to an event that sparkled. They were the perfect accent.  There were Kappas who attended the event who were not from New Brunswick Alumni. Brothers from Newark, New Rochelle and the Philadelphia area. Brothers who worked for some of the events corporate sponsors. They were proud to see them because they knew that our young men were an extension of them.


The evening wasn't complete with simply volunteering.  The young men received tickets to the performance.  They were able to listen to the humor of the master of ceremonies, Mr. David Allen Grier.   They also listened to stories about the honoree from legendary people like Felecia Rashad and Courtney B. Vance, not to mention to effortless voice of Gregory Porter.  This was another excellent showing by the young men of NBA Kappa League.


NEWS 12 coverage

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