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Welcome to the web page of the New Brunswick Alumni Kappa League where young men are educated and trained for leadership.  We have our own social media sites so be sure to follow us on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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"Making an investment in our young people is the most important thing we can do."

- Stephen Lawrence

Chairman, The Diamond Foundation, Inc.

New Brunswick Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

With the statement above, the newly elected Chairman of The Diamond Foundation, gave a clear vision of the continued mission of the foundation.  Given its connection and history with the New Brunswick Alumni Kappa League program, there is a vehicle in place that can continue to enhance and support the program.  But what impact has the Kappa League program had on its members?  When you pour time, energy and resources into young people, you watch them grow and blossom into amazing individuals.  Here are some testimonials from parents and NBA Kappa League Alumni.


Branden Renee - KL Alum_edited.jpg

Branden R. Renee


Main Pharmacy

NBA Kappa League Alumnus

Class of 2013

"I thank all the mentors for their wisdom, empathy, insight and unconditional support. I value all the efforts to ensure my son knew he mattered as a young black man. He knew his family loved him, but didn’t connect how much of an impact he could make  in the classroom and society until he was mentored and groomed by these men. 
 This program left a lasting impact of dominance and self worth in everything he’s tasked with. He his mentors were all professionals, that looked like him and spoke like him. He strives to be the best at all levels in order to simulate this. His goal is to be Chief in the US Air Force. 

So far he’s started 3 mentoring programs and every Thanksgiving, Christmas and beginning of the school year he holds donation drives. He watched and now he serves. I can attribute this to Kappa League."

-Valerie Decoteau

Kappa League Parent

Mother of Branden Renee

Jordan Kelley graduation pic_edited.jpg

"Joining Kappa League in the beginning of my freshman year of high school was one of the best decisions of my life.  There weren't a lot of boys that looked like me where I went to school.  So being surrounded by guys that looked like me and liked what I liked made, Kappa League a safe space for me.  Looking back at what Kappa League taught me about the college process, job interviews and the standards you should be setting yourself at that age set me up to successfully transition into college and into the 'real world' with great success.

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (Bachelor's Degree in Food Business Management), I've started to realize my lifelong dream of becoming  chef.  Although the journey is just beginning and it can get hot in the kitchen, I take the tools taught by Kappa League with me every day - always ask questions, give my all and make a difference in someone else's life.  When I cook and plate food, I give a little of myself back to the world!"

Alderson Broaddus University

Culinary Institute of America

Denison University

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Florida Memorial University

Franklin Pierce University

Full Sail University

Georgia State University

Hampton University

Howard University

Johnson and Wales University

Kean University

Lincoln University

Monmouth University

Montclair State University

Morehouse College

Morgan State University

New Jersey Institute of Technology

North Carolina A&T

Norwich University

Pace University

Penn State University

Penn State University - Harrisburg

Princeton University

Raritan Valley Community College

Rowan University

Rutgers University

Rutgers University - Camden

Rutgers University - Newark

Sacred Heart University

Saint Peter's University

Seton Hall University

Syracuse University

Temple University

The College of New Jersey

Tuskegee University

United States Naval Academy

United States Air Force Academy

University of Arizona

University of Delaware

University of Maine

University of Maryland

University of New Haven

University of North Carolina- Charlotte

Virginia State University

Virginia Union University

William Patterson University

Woodbridge University

York College of Pennsylvania


United States Air Force

United States Coast Guard

United States Navy

"Kappa League provided a brotherhood for our son at a very young age. The advisors are positive role models that set the expectations for the young men very high and make certain each of them reaches their highest potential.

My son learned early what it meant to be apart of a brotherhood and what comes with it. He aims to represent himself in a positive way, as well as helping his brothers do the same. Even today, our son will only move with other young men who share the same qualities he developed as a proud member of Kappa League. Every opportunity our son has to visit, he does without hesitation. He has high regards for the advisors, believes in the program and will always be apart of the family. "

-Kenya Eason

Kappa League Parents

Mother of Isaac Eason III

Isaac Eason III (on the right), KL Alumnus (Class of 2017) and an engineering major at Virginia State University, gives a university tour to another Kappa Leaguer and advisor.

The New Brunswick Alumni Kappa League program is nothing short of SUPERB!  The men are exceptional mentors.  Their kindness and willingness to share their own experiences, while listening to the young men is a successful formula.  To be honest, the more I think about it, it’s more than a program.  It’s developing lifelong relationships.


As an alumni parent, I am proud to say, both of my sons have benefited from these men being in their lives.  My oldest is not a big fan of trust or communication.  However, Kappa League unapologetically burst through that barrier.  He gained trustworthy supporters, confidants, advocates and allies.  Now, at twenty-five years of age, it is very important to him that [Kappa League advisors] Dr. Gray and Uncle Book (Dr. Larnie Booker) know he’s doing well and making good decisions.  My youngest is shy and quiet.  He internalizes but after two years with Kappa League and their unique methods,  he began opening up more, which speaks volumes because he has mild autism.  It takes a lot to get him excited but mid-week he’d start reminding me about Saturday’s meeting and how he couldn’t miss it.


I want you to understand how important these men are and what they do.  During the majority of my son’s participation., we no longer lived in New Jersey because my job relocated us multiple times. I’ve purchased airline tickets and driven four or more hours to ensure they made their meetings on time.  My commitment is a direct result of their extraordinary dedication and focus on making the boys better version of themselves. Bottom line, they are phenomenal men of God and I’m thankful that they entered/continue to be a part of our lives."

-Tamika McConnaughey

Kappa League Parent

Mother of Sebastian Banks and

Jaylin McConnaughey

McConnaughey Family pic.jpg

Jordan Kelley

Chef de Partie

Crown Shy - New York, NY

NBA Kappa League Alumnus

Class of 2014

Isaac Eason III with Books and son at VS

Sebastian Banks, Kappa League Inductee Class of 2015, Tamika McConnaughey and Jaylin McConnaughey, Kappa League Class of 2012.  Sebastian is currently enrolled in college.  Jaylin enlisted in the United States Navy.

January 2020 - NBA Kappa League Alumni return during their winter break to reconnect and share their wisdom with the current Kappa League members.  Now college student and college graduates, this event allows continued mentoring and allows our graduates to continue networking.

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